Designing with a human-centered approach: unlocking business value through meeting people's needs


Universe49 delivers a full-cycle service from scoping a viable feature set to implementing and launching products.

We provide our clients with more than just technical execution. As entrepreneurs, we are able to scope out development projects from a business viability standpoint while giving our clients creative ideas for further innovation.


User Insights

Product Definition

Market Research

UX Exploration

Product Strategy


User Experience Design

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Design QA


iOS & Android

React Native









How much will it cost to develop my product and how long will it take?

Universe49's team of experts will assess the resources required for your product's development, taking into account your specific needs. Our cost estimation process, which is based on over 10 years of industry experience, will provide fair and accurate estimates for your project.


Why do I need to pay more when there are cheaper options?

In the long-term, choosing us as your vendor will save you both money and headaches. By avoiding the need to test multiple vendors, fix mistakes, and redo poorly executed work, you will save time and money. Our prices are designed to provide the time and resources to create something that we can both be proud of, as that is our ultimate goal


Can I safely share my idea with you?

At our company, the protection of your intellectual property is a top priority. Our legal team has implemented a mutual NDA process that clearly defines all confidential material, knowledge, and information that you want to keep restricted. This ensures that we can have secure and safe conversations with our clients, laying the foundation for trustworthy relationships from the start.


Are you able to provide full branding, design and business growth service?

As a part of our mobile app and web development processes, we typically offer design services for the project. Additionally, we assist with launching the product, including publishing on the appropriate stores and securing a web domain. However, we do not provide design services for presentation decks, emails, brochures, or other visual identity assets, and do not offer product promotion services. We recommend working with specialized agencies that can assist with these specific needs.


If I am based in a different time zone, will we be able to work efficiently?

Most of our clients are based in different time zones, primarily in the US. To accommodate this, we have implemented a flexible workflow that can adapt to any time difference. This is achieved through careful long-term and short-term planning, a dedicated team for your project, and regular updates and reports.


Will you take care of my product after it has been launched?

At Universe49, post-launch care and support encompasses all aspects of maintaining and evolving a digital product beyond its MVP stage. Instead of just maintenance, we see it as ongoing development by the same team that created your product. This includes updates to operating systems, optimization of APIs and services, improvements to user experience, and planning for future changes, all by a team that is intimately familiar with your product.


Can I bring a project I already started developing with another vendor?

It is certainly possible. When required, we will assess the existing code or design of the product to determine if it needs improvement and what team structure is necessary to complete the product.


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